111- Han Duck Green-Glazed

Han Duck Green-Glazed
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  • 111- Han Duck Green-Glazed
  • Object type: Ceramic Sculpture Animal Other
  • Period: Han (221 BCE- 220 AD)
  • Height, Width, Depth in cm: 18x22x10

Green-glazed earthenware figures of ducks in one form or another are frequently found in Han tombs, either standing alone or as parts of a farm or pond scene. Similar examples of this particular style and size of duck are found in the collections of various museums in China and in the United States, e.g. the Shanghai Museum, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. In the Shanghai museum catalogue "Treasures from the Shanghai Museum,6000 Years of Chinese Art" their description of a similar duck concludes: "This piece exemplifies a fairly high artistic level; the posture and characteristics of the duck are clearly stated: it is gentle and lovely and the modeling is concise and skillful." In the Shanghai piece the head is raised slightly more, the legs more clearly defined and the feathers delineated mostly by horizontals while, in this example, much of the feathering is defined by repeated small circles. While there are many slight variations in the modeling of these almost life-size ducks, most of the Han duck figures stay quite close to a composed, realistic rendering. This collection also includes a rarer variation, with the duck standing, its head raised and turned to the right.

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