210- Neolithic Qijia Owl Jar

Neolithic Qijia Owl Jar
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  • 210- Neolithic Qijia Owl Jar
  • Object type: Ceramic Sculpture Animal Other
  • Period: Quijia (2,300- 1,600 BCE)
  • Height, Width, Depth in cm: 13x10x11

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Tripod jar with face, low-fired pottery; 22001600 B.C. Eason Eige Collection; photo by B. Bernard The Qijia culture (in North-west China, near the Gansu region) bridges the Neolithic period and the Bronze age; it was a farming culture that included a heavy use of horses. Qijia potters did not use wheels, as might be guessed from looking at this image. The faces on such pots have been interpreted as being from humans or owls. It is 28 cm tall.