137- Warring States Proto-Porcelain Incense Vase Large

Warring States Proto-Porcelain Incense Vase Large
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  • 137- Warring States Proto-Porcelain Incense Vase Large
  • Object type: Ceramic Pottery Porcelain
  • Period: Warring States (476 BCE - 221 BCE)
  • Height, Width, Depth in cm: 59x37x37

This vase dates to about 300BCE. It stands almost two feet tall and is one of the largest examples of the high-fired porcelaneous so-called proto-porcelain grey-green glazed stoneware produced during the Warring States period. During the 1990s several such vases appeared on the market but none with the elegance of proportion and perfection of execution of this one. The only similar vase that approaches this one in terms of aesthetic realization is featured in the Hong Kong Museum of Art's collection. Other similar vases may have shorter necks (in several instances, two necks) or squatter bodies or a smaller size or a less appealing disposition of the openings or of the incised bands. This vase with its many openings was intended to function as an incense burner. Such vases were almost certainly used and prized during the lifetimes of their owners. This particular vase, with the perfection of every aspect of it from its general form to its fine incisions and almost iridescent glaze, would be considered a masterpiece of ceramic art in any time and place. Truly, with this vase, a picture (or actually seeing it) is worth ten-thousand words.

Celadon vase - Warring States (475 - 221 bc). The glaze of the vase is yellow- green, uneven. It is 51cm tall, its neck is long and straight. The pierced decoration covers the upper half of the body of the vase. Art Gallery of the family Xu in Hong Kong (China- Kearmik und Porzellan- Li Zhiyan, Cheng Qinghua, Verlag fur fremdsprachige Literatur Beijing, 2003, China. The so-called proto-celadon (proto- porcelain) appeared first time in the middle of the Shang dynasty, i.e. 3,500 years ago.