115- Han Court Attendants Pair Male Standing Large Painted

Han Court Attendants Pair Male Standing Large Painted
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  • 115- Han Court Attendants Pair Male Standing Large Painted
  • Object type: Ceramic Sculpture Human
  • Period: Han (221 BCE- 220 AD)
  • Height, Width, Depth in cm: 65x24x14

This piece and the figure of the kneeling Han court lady were purchased together. There is a stylistic and aesthetic similarity in the two pieces that would indicate they were originally together and that, most likely, they were fashioned by the same sculptor. Both figures show a lightness of touch and a delicacy that is not found to such a degree in similar Han court figures. Based on other Han figures there may be a question as to whether the standing figure was male (i.e. with the facial detail of a moustache having been painted on later). However, it would be doubtful that anyone would later paint a moustache on what might have been a standing court lady. Also, the figure has a hole where his hands are held together which was probably meant to hold a staff or standard of some kind. It is unlikely that a female would have performed such a court function. In any case, as with the companion piece of a kneeling woman, this figure is notable for its striking elegance and simplicity of form and its harmonious blend of color and detail. While the kneeling lady's outer robe is white, his is brown and, unlike her, he clearly has two colors of bands fringing his garments - a darker red band for the outer garment and brighter red bands for the inner garments. In addition, his head, which was molded seperately from the body, shows traces of red on his lips. His eyes and a band around his forehead are painted black. His face shows a congenial, almost amused, expression. These two harmoniously-composed figures give one a clear sense of both the refined aesthetic sensibility of the Han artist and the understated elegance of the Han court.

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